Sea of Galilee Training Schools

How to get started

For you to access the school you need to create a progress account with us:

You will receive an email to activate your account so you can access the rest of the school. Then once you have activated your account you can go to the different teachings.

‘A’ & ‘B’ School Syllabus


Module 1: Introduction to the Christian life


B Module 1: Protection of the Prayer Minister.


B Module 2: Protection of the Prayer Minister continued.


B Module 3: Leading and Action of the Holy Spirit.

We are really excited to launch our Online Ministry Training School. It is based on the Galilean Ministry of Jesus (Mark 1:9 through to chapter 6).  The logo is a simple three-masted sailing ship out in the waves, with three sails: the front sail is the Holy Spirit symbolised by a dove, middle sail is God the Father symbolised by the Shekinah Glory, and the rear sail is Jesus symbolised by the Cross..

The Basic ‘A’ School is on The Gifts of Healings (1Cor. Ch.12:8-11). It is a hands-on, workshop type, school with 13 teachings, where each one builds on the previous one. Following the main video teaching, reference scriptures are grouped together for easy access. Then there are homework questions – once they are submitted, answers are sent back to participants and the next teaching is made available.

The B School is about equipping you the student, to be men and women of God. In the power of the name of Jesus, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared to be able to stand in the day of battle, against the world, the flesh and the devil.

In the ‘C’ School we deal with the deeper issues like breaking curses, deep inner healing, and deliverance; there will be a requirement for our indemnity form to be signed, and for those under 18 to have parental, or pastoral approval to embark on this School. The C School, will be followed by further Ministry Training, and teaching; possibly with choices, into various aspects of deeper Ministry.