The Ministry

We are a Christian bible-based, Holy Spirit-led ministry to the Body of Christ – not a Church, but a service to Churches and their people in need of training in how to pray for themselves and others.

The inspiration

One of the earliest words we received from the Lord in the early 80s was Eph.4:12; “Equipping the saints for the works of service; or ministry for the edifying (building up) of the Body of Christ.”

Other inspirational scriptures have been: Ezek.Ch.47; 47:1-2; Rev. 22:1-2, 17. Jn. 7:37-39, Jn. 4:13-15, Is. 44:3-6, 42, 43:2, 55:1.

Passing on the baton

We want to pass on to the following generations the wisdom and skill in ministry of prayer and the Word that the Lord has graced us with over the last 36 years – so that they can start where we finish and ‘our ceiling becomes their floor’.

Our desire is to give all that we have accumulated in live teaching, demonstration, writing, CDs, and DVDs to those who are hungry for God and want to follow Jesus, be empowered by the Holy Spirit, and grow in ministry skills to bring the love, empathy, and compassion of Jesus to those in need of healing.

How it all fits together

Come to the River Ministry Training seminars are the basic level of the ministry and Sea of Galilee Training Schools are a more in-depth ministry where more time can be devoted to teaching, training, demonstrating, practicing, and applying ministry skills.

The Schools will start upon sufficient interest building!

The meaning behind the logo

The imagery is based on the water flowing out from under the temple from God in Ezek. 47. The flow comes from the essence of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and all the dimensions of His Spirit and the spiritual realm. We start at ankle depth where children learn to swim and then go deeper.

It is a river that you can step into and be ‘transformed’ from the inside out:

  • Washed in the waters of salvation
  • Cleansing from abuse, pain, suffering, works of darkness, and sin
  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit to live the full Christian life
  • Trained to help others

Our ministry theme song is “The River” by Brian Doerksen. You can read the lyrics here


We have been involved in a number of Conferences last year, and again this year co-hosting International healing ministry speakers, and our local teaching conferences with Firebird Newzeal.

Registration as a Charitable Trust

Our name is: “Come To The River Charitable Trust” – registered in New Zealand and able to give Donees living in New Zealand receipts for a tax deductions.

Free Access

We do not charge for our DVDs and Online Schools. We leave it open for those who are able and willing to make a donation towards the ongoing work of the Trust.

We have a PayPal Account available on the website.