All Saints Church Hataitai –

Report on 2014 Evening Services with Michael Powell


All Saints wished to expand the charismatic teaching in the parish and give the opportunity for training in ministry in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They, therefore, invited Michael Powell to conduct a series of monthly evening services with the aim of teaching people to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Services

The six services were held at All Saints Hataitai on the last Sunday evening of every month, commencing on 29 June with the final service on 30 Nov 14.

People were invited from a wide range of churches mainly from the eastern suburbs. Attendance varied with generally about 40-50 attending apart from the final service with Father John Rea when 116 attended.

All services contained worship, words of knowledge, and teaching as well as a ministry by Michael and Peggy Powell and prayer teams.

Michael taught at all services and conducted briefing and training sessions for prayer team members.

Music was provided by All Saints teams with assistance from others known to Michael.

The ministry resulted in healings, and testimonies were given.

The final service with Father John Rea

The 30 Nov service was honoured by the teaching and prayer leadership of Father John Rea with the assistance of Sister Marie. It was widely advertised through churches.

The preaching was biblical and powerful and the prayer that followed was instrumental in healing and blessing people. One written testimony is attached.

Feedback from Attendees and Future Action

The feedback has been almost universally positive particularly from the last session. At the subsequent debriefing, the leadership team decided to continue the services in 2015, monthly if resources allow but certainly with a quarterly healing meeting.


Our grateful thanks are given to Michael and Peggy, Father John and Sister Marie, Paul, the musicians, all those who came and ministered and Vicar Simon for his blessing, support, and active participation.

Pat Wakelin                                                                                Rev Simon Winn

All Saints Organiser                                                               Vicar, All Saints Hataitai

Dec 2014